Mateusz Urbanowicz is a Polish watercolor and digital painting artist working alongside his comic creator wife Kana at their studio in Tokyo, Japan.

Born and raised in the Silesian region of Poland, where he studied electronic engineering. After realizing that art can be more than just a hobby, he takes a computer graphics course at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. Thanks to a scholarship, Mateusz moved to Tokyo to study animation, and graduated from Kobe Design University. During the last year he made an animated short film, Right Place, which I will occupy for about eight months and which he will then present as a degree thesis.


In 2013 Mateusz began working as a background designer and animator for the Comix Wave Films animation studio. Among the works he works on are advertising shorts in collaboration with Makoto Shinkai, an episode of Space Dandy and the film Hana to Alice. In 2016 he was chosen to create the backgrounds of Makoto Shinkai's film, Kimi no Na wa (Your Name).


Parallel to the official production, Mateusz Urbanowicz realizes shorts and personal drawings in which to give full vent to his imagination, both narratively and as regards the type of drawing. His goal is to not always limit himself to drawing only the backgrounds, but to create works by him.